I'm here to bring the world my unique gift of energy, positivity, and fun, while also inspiring and empowering women to pursue their dreams. Through my coaching, I help women walk through the fire of their fears and embrace the surrender and playfulness that's needed to truly live their best lives. By encouraging women to step into their authentic selves and tap into their inner power, I help them cultivate the expansion and growth that's necessary to manifest the life of their dreams. And as I remind all my clients...

taking a leap of faith is often the first step towards achieving your goals and creating a life that you truly love.

I am

With my dental degree in hand and a dream, I set out to build a fee-for-service cosmetic dental practice that stood out from the rest in the highly saturated market of Chicago. I knew that to make it work, my branding had to be unique, my service exceptional, and my care second to none. And with Sugar Fix Dental Loft, I made it happen. Soon, other dentists were coming to me with questions: “How did I develop my brand?” “How was I making it work with five other practices just down the street?” - I knew I had cracked the code for myself when it came to marketing, branding and modern day business, so I started helping others build their own unique brands to expand their own practices. Consulting turned to creative directing, as my team and I expanded and traveled to dental practices to do brand shoots for clients across the country!

I have three children, and they were all small when I started my second company. My husband worked full time and we had a wonderful live in nanny. I also hired a personal assistant 8 years ago who I hired on the spot at hello and she has been by my side ever since. As a visionary in my companies, I prioritize outsourcing to stay focused on the big picture and keep my head in the clouds dreaming. Anything that requires being in the weeds, I outsource. I advise all my clients to do the same to create space in their lives. With 3 successful brick and mortar businesses, Sugar Fix Dental Loft, Dental Soiree Media and White Haute (a teeth whitening bar), things were incrdible!

And then Covid and quarantine happened and changed everything for me.  In the best way.


During quarantine, I found myself spending a lot of time in my stunning Dental Soiree space, creating online courses like Dental Brand Bootcamp and Get Social School, as well as launching the podcast Dental Confidential. With dentists stuck at home and uncertain of what to do next, I saw an opportunity to help and dove in headfirst, learning everything from scratch.

As my creative ideas were flowing, my mind was also occupied by something else. One night during quarantine, I had an incredibly detailed dream about Charleston, South Carolina, a place I had never been to before. The dream was so vivid that it stayed with me, and the following night, I dreamed of it again. I shared my experience with my husband, who coincidentally had been browsing Charleston golf courses online as he is a professional golf instructor. We had never talked about Charleston before, and I couldn't ignore what seemed like three signs pointing us to take action. I knew we had to get on a plane and explore this dreamy location...and so that is exactly what we did.

Soon after, we were in Charleston and by chance we pulled into the one available parking spot along King Street. Conveniently located across the street from a stunning space for rent. My creative mind started to race with the idea of opening a second White Haute Teeth Whitening Bar. Of course, White Haute Deux! It made sense to me, two locations, one in Chicago and one in Charleston. In a state of dreamy excitement, I posted a picture of it on my personal Instagram page. Not even five minutes later I received a DM from a female dentist in Chicago with the ask, “Oh my gosh, are you selling Sugar Fix Dental Loft and relocating?” My initial reaction was a resounding NO !! I had a successful 7 figure practice working seeing patients under 24 hours a week with an awesome team and it was still growing. Why in the world would I sell what I’ve worked so hard to build over all of these years? 

But I couldn’t help my deeper intuition. The universe was directing my destiny in a different direction. I met with the dentist who had inquired about purchasing my practice and I immediately knew that she was meant to carry on the legacy of the practice, while I embarked on my next adventure in Charleston. I like to call the meeting of Sugar Fix's new owner,  a serendipitous love story- she's like my soul sister!


I firmly believe in the potential for quantum leaps in life, but they require conviction, self-belief, courage, and massive action. By keeping an open heart and mind, I was able to sell my practice, My husband resigned from his twenty year tenure, and We sold our dream home in Chicago to move our entire family 1000 miles south to Charleston, South Carolina into our next dream home.

Dr. Jessica

Now I am in Charleston and the second I got here I dove straight into the online entrepreneurial space and went full force. I have continued my work as a speaker, podcaster, and business mentor to multi-passionate entrepreneurs. I have expanded and started my next business and heart centered movement, Happy CEO. Which I run alongside Dental Soiree. As a mentor to entrepreneurs, I've found my true passion in helping them unlock their potential, overcome their limiting beliefs, and create their own magic carpet ride dream life. From masterclasses to live retreats, I strive to empower my clients with the mindset and tools to achieve anything they desire, while also embracing the fear of failure as an essential part of growth.


Through my own experiences taking leaps of faith without a safety net, I serve as living proof that with the right mindset, anything is possible.